Silage Round Bale Net


Bale net is a kind of plastic net used in grass wrapping which is fabricated by processes of plastic-wire drawing and knitting with HDPE materials. It could also be called grass wrap net or bale wrap net. Bale net could not only wrap forage, but also wrap straw and hay. In current times, bale net is mainly used in farm, paddy field and grasslands.
Bale net helps users to wrap forage in round bales which are conveniently wrapped with silage film to make silage or pack dried or fresh forage. In general, 2-3 layers of bale net could complete a perfect bale. The regular width of bale net arranges from 1m to 1.7m, which could adapt to balers in any size.
Usage of bale net not only achieves effective use of resources, but also protects our environment by eliminating air pollution caused by incineration of straw and hay. In recent years, bale net has become a popular choice for wrapping forage comparing with hemp rope. 

Product features
Advantages of our bale net:
1. Great tensile strength of single wire
2. Suitable for harvesting and storage of straw and forage in large-scale farm and grasslands
3. Could be used as industrial packaging material
4. Greater wind resistant ability than hemp rope, less decomposed loss of dried forage
5. Suitable for silage bales
6. Flat surface of bale net saves time to spread the net
7. Easy to adhesive to silage film, easy to peel up
8. Evident end warning line
9. Power paper cores, could be used in any baler
10. Well designed, wrapped forage in good arrangement
11. Environmental friendly