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Hand Stretch Film


Stretch film is widely used in industrial production and logistics warehouses in the process of storage and delivery of commodity. The market of stretch film is constantly growing for new technologies realized the production of high quality film in various specifications and colors. 
Our stretch film is 100% virgin polyethylene based film that is used to protect and tighten products during storage or delivery. It is good choice for you to handle various load types and provide excellent protection, such as combining small, individual items into larger loads as well as primary packaging material. Other benefits of stretch film includes reducing freight costs, improving warehouse and inventory control as well as assuring product quality and cleanliness.
According to the different users, we have two main kinds of stretch wrap film for customers’ choices: hand applied stretch film and machine applied stretch film. Hand applied stretch film will be in small sizes and easy to handle, while it will be easier for hand to tear. Machine applied stretch film will be in larger sizes and the tear resistance will be much better.
Usage of Stretch Film:
Stretch films have been widely used in packing unit products or pallets in logistics, bottle production, papermaking, hardware and electrical products, household electrical appliance, plastic materials, chemical products, furniture, construction materials, glassware, agricultural products, food relative products, presswork, textile products and other bundling packages.

Product features
Features of Stretch Film:
1. Blown multi-layer co-extruded film
2. Excellent puncture and tear resistance
3. Easy to wrap
4. Environmentally friendly and recyclable
5. Water-proof
6. Powerful tightening
7. Excellent elongation
8. Meets the ISO9001 and SGS standards
Advantages of Stretch Film:
1. Powerful wrapping tightness and excellent elongation
2. Stretch film protects sharp edges without being torn for it is flexible and its good puncture resistance performance
3. Stretch film prevents oil, moisture, dirt and abrasion from the goods it wraps
4. The clarity of stretch film enables code to be easily scanned and read while labels and codes printed underneath the film
5. Stretch film could be removed easily
6. Environmentally friendly and recyclable
7. Could be customized with customers’ requirements