Stretch Hood Film


Stretch hood film is made of virgin LLDPE materials and fabricated with blown technique. It is widely used in wrapping and sealing of carton, pallet and cargos etc. It is ideal for protecting products from fading due to exposure to the sun. Transparent stretch hood film provides perfect clarity for scanning labels. Stretch hood film won’t get loose or separate under any adverse environment. Besides, it has no sharp edge and stickiness, avoids damages to itself.
Stretch hood film protects product surface. It prevents dust, oil, damp and burglar. Its advantage is that it puts balanced pressure on each outer surface of cargo, avoiding damages due to unbalanced force. Stretch hood film can efficiently save costs. At the same time, it can reduce labor intensity and improve packing efficiency and quality.

Product features
Features of Stretch Hood Film:
1. Excellent elasticity, transparency, and tensile strength with good gloss
2. The property of one-sided stickiness and double-sided stickiness
3. Light weight, thin in thickness
4. Strong tearing and impaling resistance; cold, heat and pressure resistance
5. Prevention of dust, oil, damp, scattering, falling and burglary
6. Good self-adhesive property and retraction, unitizing separate cargo and preventing damage
7. Saving material, labor, time and cost
8. Non-toxic, odorless and safe, convenient to use
9. Recyclable and environmental friendly