Waste Wrap Film


Waste wrapping film is a kind of blown PE film which is used to wrap sorted waste in waste treatment process. Wrapping waste in bales is a new way to treat industrial and household wastes which could not be incinerated in short term. Waste bales are tidy, compact and well-sealed which could be easily transported and stacked in incineration, meanwhile, our films could prevent the overflow of unpleasant smell and liquid which is unfriendly to environment. Waste wrap films are being used by more and more waste treatment plants all over the world.
Blown stretch film achieves superior mechanical properties. The safe seal of gasses and fluids provide an environmental friendly and seep-free storage of waste. The seal does not just protect gasses or fluids from exiting the bale but also keeps rain from entering. In addition, the film is UV-stabilized for 12 months. Our waste wrap film protects the contents of the bale all-season from outside influences.

Product features
Usage Suggestions:
1. To achieve the best possible seal-effect we recommend wrapping at least six layers. Depending on the composition of the content more layers might be necessary. The layers should overlap at least 50% in width to ensure a safe seal.
2. In case a bale includes pieces with sharp edges we recommend checking the condition of the bales regularly.
Safe and seep-free storage is important and crucial to environment protection. We offer you a cost-effective solution for waste wrapping.