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Silage Wrap Film 250W


Silage film is a kind of agricultural plastic film which could help to reserve nutrients of forage, maize, cereals and vegetables and protect plants from molding. It can keep the moisture of the plants from evaporation and then promote fermentation to raise nutrients and even enhance tastefulness of the silage to the animals. It can reduce the waste of forage and eliminate unstable supply due to inappropriate storage and influence of bad weather. Silage film acts as sealed capsule since it keeps the forage under an optimum humidity condition to facilitate controlled anaerobic fermentation. 

 Specification of Silage Wrap Film 250W

1.Width:  250mm               6. Core:  Paper  or PVC cores

2.Colour: White                 7.UV Resistance 12 Month Min



5.Characters: Sinage Adhensive, double adhensive, high viscosity

Silage Wrap Film 250 in White Colour

Product features
Features of silage films:
1. 3-layer co-extruded blown film
2. 100% virgin Polyethylene
3. Excellent wrapping performance, elongation and self adhesiveness 
4. Excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance, UV resistance
5. Low oxygen permeability
6. Constant coloring
7. Environmental friendly
8. Customized with specified quality standards
Advantages of silage film:
1. Enhances the nutrition of forage and inhibits undesirable fermentation process to ensure the safety of silage
2. Good resistance against moisture penetration and oxygen permeation
3. No investment in storage tank or warehouse for forage
4. Less risk of animal diseases from accidental ingestion of mouldy silage
5. Greater wrapping efficiency, more bales per roll
6. High level of UV resistance prevents nutrition reduction of silage and film aging
7. Excellent tensile property and elasticity
8. Optimal puncture resistance and tear resistance
9. Contribute to storage, feeding, delivery and marketing
10. Can be recycled